Thiago Allisson Cardoso de Jesus

Lawyer, Post-doctorate for the Post-Graduation Program in Criminal Sciences at the Law School of the Pontifical Catholic University (PUC / RS) of Rio Grande do Sul and for the Program “Global Inequalities and Social Justice: South and North Dialogues” by the Faculty of Law at the University of Brasilia in partnership with the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences. PhD and Master in Public Policy from the Federal University of Maranhão. Assistant Editor at the Brazilian Journal of Criminal Procedural Law (RBDPP). Member of the Editorial Board of the Revista do Conselho Nacional do Ministério Público. Adjunct  I of the Law Course at the State University of Maranhão (UEMA) and undergraduate in Law and postgraduate studies in Criminal Sciences in Law at the Ceuma University. Scientific Initiation Advisor at the CEUMA University (PIBIC / FAPEMA / CEUMA), at the State University of Maranhão (FAPEMA / CNPQ) and at the Estácio São Luís University Center. Develops extension activities in the area of ​​Culture of Peace, School Mediation, Restorative Justice, Alterity and Combating Bullying. Leader of the Center for Studies in State, Public Security and Society (NEESS) at the Ceuma University and the Center for Studies in Criminal and Contemporary Proceedings (UEMA). Member at the Human Rights and Biodiversity Center (NEDH-Bio) at UFMA. Works as a researcher and consultant on topics related to Prison, Vulnerabilities, Fundamental Rights and Guarantees in criminal proceedings, Constitutional Criminal Procedure, Private Vengeance, Lynching, Invisibilities, Criminal Policies and Public Security Policies. Author of articles, book chapters and works published in regional and national journals.